Measuring Equipment


Length – Digital Calipers to 24”

OD – Micrometers Digital & Analog to 12”

Height – Digital Gages up to 24”

Width – Pin Gages

Depth – Digital Depth Micrometers To 12”

ID Measuring

Digital Tri-Micrometers .8” – 4” Diameter

ID Groove Dial Gage to 4”

Bar Micrometers Misc.

Gage Blocks to 8”

Dial Bore Gage to 12”

Telescoping Bore Gages to 6”

Hardness Testing

Rockwell Scale Hardness Tester For Hard Matl. (Metals)

Shore Scale Hardness Tester For Soft Matl. (Rubber)


Roughness/Finish Tester

Digital roughness tester

Optical comparator set


Dial Indicators In .001” and .0001” resolution

Flatness Inspection

Granite Surface Plates (Misc.) – 12”x18” to 4’ x 6’


ID/OD Radius & Fillet Gages