GE Yaw Brake Upgrade

Original Design

Kito Controller Refurbishment

Problem:  Noise (Fog horning) and the High Cost to Maintain Yaw Brakes

High variability in torque values lead to uneven loading on brake pads causing vibration (fog horning). And piston/stem interface cause premature component failures.

Wind Solution Design

Improved GE Yaw System

Solution:  Wind Solutions Threaded Bushing with Anti-rotation Washer

 The threaded bushing design improves preload accuracy and system reliability; and eliminating noise issues. It also reduces component failures and improve safety by reducing safety issues with high torque equipment.

GE Yaw Brake Upgrade

Next Generation Piston Design

  • New Pad Diameter- 94mm
  • Removal of counter bore gains 3mm of wear material
  • Upgrade pad material since no edge loading
  • Puck permanently affixed to piston
Next Generation Piston
  • 94mm Piston w/ Extended 9mm Pad (WS30129G001)

Additional Component Manufacturing


Piston (WS30082)

Threaded Bushing (WS30057)

Threaded Bushing (WS30057)

Adjusting Screw (WS30059)