About Us



CJ Winslow, formerly a GE wind turbine engineer, launched Wind Solutions LLC to provide aftermarket components and services for industrial wind turbines. Winslow, a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (BS and M.Eng.), began his career traveling North America and Europe extensively with GE as a wind turbine test and field engineer and later worked as an upgrade design engineer.


In 2013, after 12 years at GE, Heather Bingham joined Wind Solutions as the director of operations.  Heather joined GE as part of the Edison Engineer Development Program (EEDP) and later went through the Renewable Energy Leadership Program (RELP).  Heather brings a love of renewable energy operational and organizational expertise to the business.


In 2014, after 10 years at GE, Matt King joined wind solutions as the director of production and engineering.  Matt, a product of GE’s Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP).


In the shop, Wind Solutions employs a team of skilled machinists and craftsmen to help in the repair, fabrication and remanufacture of wind turbine components.